Unknown Fronts Art Exposition: Visualizing the Horrors of the First World War.

FRONT-LINES is an art project about war poems of 1914-1919. Poems, written during the time of the Great War, are adapted, illustrated or animated into comics, cartoons and similar artwork. FRONT-LINES is the new focal point of Comixiade, a network of comics artists and other creative Europeans, who meet and collaborate across borders.

On November 5, FRONT-LINES will have its first exposition of the art work made thus far. In the Weberfoyer of the Harmoniegebouw of the Arts Faculty in Groningen some of the finest and most intense illustrations of war poems will be shown.

The war-poems are illustrated in contrasting styles: hermetic and subtle poetry on one hand and grotesque/baroque Dadaist cartoons on the other hand. Some of the war poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti (Italy), Hugo Ball (Germany), Wilfred Owen (England) and Frana Sramek (Czech Republic) have been the inspiration for art by young creators like Anna Resmini (Italy), Dace Sietina (Latvia/Netherlands), Amanda Majoor (Netherlands), Tobias Koeber (Germany) and Boris Stanic (Serbia).

The FRONT-LINES expo will be opened on November 5 at 17:40 PM in the Exposition Hall of the Weberfoyer in the Harmoniegebouw of the Arts Faculty in Groningen. Entrance is free. The exposition is part of the Academic Conference “Unknown Fronts”, organized by the University of Groningen and the Netherlands-Russia Centre.

More information:

info@comixiade.org (Guido van Hengel)