Participants to be anounced

Photo Name Institutional affiliation Lecture
Andrea Carteny Sapienza University of Rome Italian nationalities’ policy and Rome Pact in the Luigi Albertini’s action and works
Denis Clark University of Oxford Diplomacy in the ‘apogee of nationalism’: Britain, France, the United States, and appeals to the Polish public, 1917-18
dr. Dorota Sajewska University of Warsaw The body of the Polish soldier in performance documentation of WWI
Dr. E. Agoston-Nikolova Formerly department of Slavic Studies – University of Groningen The memoirs of Sotir Janev. A correspondence across frontlines and time
Dr. Jan Vermeiren University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK) Habsburg Collapse and German Responsibility: A Re-Assessment of the Dual Alliance at War
Dr. Maciej Górny Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, German Historical Institute, Warsaw War of Spirits in the East. East Central and Southeast European Intellectuals and the First World War
dr. Nicole Immig Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, DFG-Graduate School 1412 Visual Representation of World War One: Discovering the Salonica Front
dr. Oksana Dudko Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv Art, Death, and Survival: Ukrainian Theatre Artists in the Great War (1914–1918)
dr. Vivien Newman Independent Researcher and Author, United Kingdom “Women Like That” Women’s Poetry from the Eastern Front
Drs. G.C. van Hengel Department of Contemporary History, University of Groningen Dutch newspapers and the Eastern front
Giuseppe Motta Sapienza University of Rome Destruction and Relief. The Great War and the Russian Jews in the Documents of the Joint Distribution Committee
Goran Stefanovski Canterbury Christ Church University The play ‘Figurae Veneris Historiae’
Jeremias Schmidt Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich The war-experience of the Bavarian Army on the Eastern Front 1915-1917
Lennart Steenbergen University of Groningen Australia, Turkey and Gallipoli: symbiosis between political changes and changes in the collective memory
Lukas Waltl, MA University of Graz, Centre for Jewish Studies The Real Enemy - The Eastern Front in Austrian Jewish Periodicals
N.A. Kraft van Ermel, MA Netherlands-Russia Centre, University of Groningen Perspectives from a neutral state: Dutch sources on the question of the Armenian genocide
Paul Miller McDaniel College, Westminster, MD (USA) The “Perfect Political Murder”: Who Instigated the Sarajevo Assassination?
Pelle van Dijk University of Amsterdam Arius van Tienhoven, a Dutch doctor at the Balkan front
Prof. Dr. Geert Buelens University of Utrecht Keynote lecture
prof. dr. J.S.A.M. van Koningsbrugge Netherlands-Russia Centre, University of Groningen & Department of Modern History, University of Groningen Autobiography of Willem Oudendijk, Dutch envoy in St. Petersburg during the October revolution
Prof. Dr. Raymond Detrez University of Ghent, University of Leuven The War Diary of Capt. D. Bakărdžiev ― World War I seen “from below”
Roberto Sciarrone Sapienza University of Rome The Ottoman Empire and the Great War in the papers of the Italian military attaché in Constantinople, Ernesto Mombelli.
Sanda Kočevar, MA Municipal Museum of Karlovac “For the King and Country” – Evidence in the Neighbourhood
Wim Coudenys University of Leuven An individual in a larger history: Military attaché A.K. Prezhbyano and the history of Belgian-Russian diplomatic and military relations during the First World War