Lennart Steenbergen

  • Posted on: 26 October 2015
  • By: marijke
About the participant: 

Lennart Steenbergen is a history student at the University of Groningen who, during his studies, has written a fascinating essay which he will be presenting at the 'Unknown Fronts' Conference. 

Title of lecture: 
Australia, Turkey and Gallipoli: symbiosis between political changes and changes in the collective memory

The battle of Gallipoli (25 April 1915 - 6 January 1916), which took place on the extreme Eastern Front, still has its social value, a hundred years later. Myths about this historical event, where Australian and Turkish soldiers were fighting against each other, are both part of the Australian and the Turkish collective memory, and have laid the basis for an improved relationship between those two states in the last few decades. I have analyzed a symbiosis between political and social changes on the one hand, and changes in the collective memory on the other. New political and social views in both countries have given renewed significance to both myths, and those myths have incited new frames of action towards reconciliation between Australia en Turkey subsequently. Within this special bond the British are represented as signifcant other and the common enemy.